• 2017/02/22

PubMatic、2016 Q4のモバイル市場トレンドレポートを発表 ーヘッダー入札が牽引ー

PubMatic, the automation solutions company for an open digital media industry, today released its Q4 2016 Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) report, which identifies major trends in programmatic mobile advertising, with highlights around header bidding, private marketplaces (PMPs) and shifting dynamics be … Continue Reading →

  • 2017/02/08


TripleLift launches Apex, the first server-side header bidding technology for native advertising. Apex is the culmination of TripleLift’s mission to create technology that enhances publisher yield through consumer-centric ad experiences. Apex introduces three unique solutions to the header bid … Continue Reading →

  • 2016/12/16


AppNexus, the world’s leading independent advertising technology company, today announced the launch of video header bidding capabilities in prebid.js, the free and open source solution used by hundreds of publishers. The offering, called PreBid Video, enables video publishers to realize the best ma … Continue Reading →

  • 2016/12/07


先日Amazonがクラウドベースのヘッダー入札ソリューションを発表する予定であることがAd Ageにて報じられていましたが、これは今までのクライアントサイドの処理で行うヘッダー入札ではなく、サーバー間通信(S2S)で行われる次世代型の入札システムの提供開始を意味します。

  • 2016/09/09

OpenXとMediaMath、ヘッダー入札取引(Header Bidding)のテストを開始

Header bidding has taken up quite a bit of bandwidth among ad-tech executives and industry stakeholders. While it’s traditionally been known as a supply-side tool to help publishers create more competition, header bidding has quickly become a “must-have” for marketers to access valuable ad inventory … Continue Reading →

  • 2016/09/09

Krux、ヘッダー入札(Header Bidding)に対応開始

Krux, the industry leading data management platform (DMP), today announced the launch of its proprietary header bidding solution. As an extension of Krux Link, and with a foundation in the Krux DMP, this new solution provides unrivalled control, efficiency, and cost savings for connecting data asset … Continue Reading →

  • 2016/08/30

OpenX、メディアグループのMeredith Localとヘッダー入札で提携

OpenX, a global leader in creating programmatic advertising marketplaces that drive superior monetization, and Meredith Local Media Group (Meredith Local), an operating arm of Meredith Corporation, the leading media and marketing company with local television brands serving more than 100 million Ame … Continue Reading →

  • 2016/08/16


OpenX, a global leader in driving superior monetization for publishers, today announced the launch of the industry’s first header bidding line item capability for ad serving. This greatly simplified, more precise time-saving approach to using multiple header bidding partners to drive higher revenue … Continue Reading →

  • 2016/04/19

Adform、ヘッダー入札機能「Adform Header Bidding」をリリース

Adform, the independent and open ad tech platform, has announced the launch of Adform Header Bidding, which is designed to give publishers greater control over demand and afford advertisers better access to a publisher’s entire inventory.