• 2012/10/24


MediaMind, a division of DG (NASDAQ:DGIT), and the leading independent provider of integrated digital advertising solutions, announced today a new Verification Suite, including a viewable impression measurement solution, fully integrated into the MediaMind ad serving platform. MediaMind’s acquisitio … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/23


Triggit, the global leader in retargeting on Facebook, announced today it is managing campaigns for sites with 250M aggregate unique visitors, a tenfold increase from Q2 to Q3 2012. This impressive growth reflects advertisers’ strong interest in retargeting on Facebook, Triggit’s aggress … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/23


Given the dynamic real-time nature of political campaigns heading into their final lap, it’s not surprising that the RTB marketplace for political advertising is soaring, according to just released estimates from Rubicon Project’s third-quarter RTB Report. The report found that RTB buys in the polit … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/22


Fringe81株式会社(本社:東京都渋谷区、代表取締役社長:田中 弦、社名よみ仮名:フリンジ ハチイチ)は、自社開発の第三者配信アドサーバー「digitalice(デジタリス)」( http://www.digitalice.jp )の計測機能の大幅拡張を行いました。新たに、クライアントサイトへ訪問していないユーザーが多い媒体を把握できる「ヴァージンユーザー」計測機能、コンバージョンしたユーザーにCRMデータを紐付けることが可能な「マルチパラメータ」付与機能、ならびに各種登場しているレコメンデーションバナーのビュースルー効果計測機能、広告掲載先媒体の精査が可能な「アドベリフィケーション」対応 … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/21

Trading placeを代理店が詳しく知っていなかればいけない理由

Agency trading desks emerged to cope with the ever-increasing amounts of customer data and ad inventory presented by the advertising network environment. The ad trading ‘arms race’ had begun in earnest, but nobody knew quite how complicated it was going to become. Five years on and the nascent ad ex … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/21


AppNexus, the New York-based ad-tech company, is in discussions to purchase the Atlas ad-serving business from Microsoft, according to two people familiar with the process. This is not the first time the two companies have engaged in discussions about a deal, but the talks are said to be as serious … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/21


Provider of marketing technology and real-time bidding specialist, Digilant has announced the appointment of White Label Media to handle its PR and social media activity in the UK. The move follows Digilant’s recent rebranding project as the business looks to expand its UK presence for providing mar … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/20

2012年版 日本のディスプレイカオスマップ

2012年版 拡大版 ちなみに、2011年版 拡大版 さらに、一応2010年版 拡大版 年々すごい勢いでプレイヤー増えてきており、今年版はまさに「カオス」の様相を呈して来ました。

  • 2012/10/19

TubeMogul とTargeted Victoryが提携。Real-Time Video広告におけるターゲティング機能の強化へ。 

Premier digital marketing agency Targeted Victory announced today that they are forming a strategic partnership with TubeMogul to leverage and integrate TubeMogul’s media buying platform for video advertising units into Targeted Victory’s industry-leading Audience Targeting Platform (ATP). Continuin … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/19


1. Fact from fiction. Real-time bidding (RTB) refers to a way to buy display media ads. Instead of the traditional method of buying a block of impressions on a site or ad network, RTB is about the automatic buying of individual impressions. By removing a lot of wasted ad impressions from the media s … Continue Reading →

  • 2012/10/19


The acronym RTB (real-time bidding) was only known by 32 per cent of marketers asked by display marketing specialists Adform; despite predictions that the real-time bidding market is expected to be worth around £4 billion in ad spend by 2015 in the U. S. and major markets in Western Europe. The poll … Continue Reading →